• Contemplating Cloud Spirit

    sculptures by Steve Ferrera

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    Spirits of the old world. They’ve circled the planet for thousands of years. Casting down an assortment of maladies and pleasures based on the whims of a current mood or passing thought. Beware of the angry ones.

    I wanted this piece to look like an old relic. So I carved and scratched a lot of texture into it. I started with two washes - black and Payne’s gray. Then I lightly dry brushed on several colors - white, pink, parchment, and ultramarine blue. Then a final dusting with iridescent silver - the silver lining. The raindrops were painted with a twilight blue and highlighted with a silver gouache. Finished with a matte varnish.

    Stands 4 inches tall - 5.5 inches wide.

    Included with figure:

    Signed 5x7 print by Matthew Pugh of "The Pacifist"
    Signed 5x7 surprise bonus print
    Set of 4 postcards from "To Touch The Sun"
    Prints on Moab Entrada Rag Bright #300
    Price is per figure
    Tax is included in the price
Contemplating Cloud Spirit

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