• Energy Circulator - pearl green with orange flake

    sculptures by Steve Ferrera

  • $ 185.00

  • Description

    Place your Circulator where it can survey the entire room. It will harness the energy and circulate it in the most efficient pattern. For maximum vibes, each room should have a different color. 

    Hand cast and painted with House of Kolor and Roth Metal Flake automotive paints (the kind they used on old hot rods). This figure has a green pearl over a black base, with an orange flake on top. Display in a well lit area. The light will highlight the pearl and flake.

    Figure stands about 7 inches tall

    Included with your figure:
    Signed 5x7 print of "The Pacifist"
    Signed 5x7 surprise bonus print
    Printed on Moab Rag Bright #300
    Set of 4 postcards from "To Touch The Sun"
    *The price is per figure
    Tax is included in the price
Energy Circulator - pearl green with orange flake

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